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Minetale is fully cross-platform!

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What we strive for

We are here to redefine the term 'work' and allow our staff to live. Life is not about making a living. To us, life is about living a making. That is why we strive to bring the most creative and ambitious individuals together to work on what they love at all times.





Minetale Staff

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This is the first position every new support agent must start at. Helpers that fail to meet the requirements or fail to meet our expectations, in general, will be removed. 



Mods are official and receive all required permissions. Most training is done during the Trial Mod phase which usually provides everything needed.


Senior Mod

Senior mods help manage our mod team, grant temporary permissions to moderators that need to use them and supervise the player base as a whole. The responsibility is tremendous and this position requires a lot.



Builders and Senior Builders

Builders help design and develop in-game structures. This position requires powerful building experience, a designer and visionary mindset, and the ability to pay attention to detail.


Developers and Senior Developers

Developers help contribute to Minetale's growth through Minetale API and other partnership programs. In some cases, they officially work for Minetale and in others, they are simply partners and contributors.


Administrators and Management

Administrators manage Minetale as a whole and work on mastering our operations for maximum growth long term. The visionaries require a whole new level of responsibility but help lead Minetale in the right direction. 


Moderator Specializations

- Technical

- Gameplay

- Sales