Minetale Status: Online

Minetale is fully cross-platform!

Server IP: Mc.PlayMinetale.com



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Official network content creators:

Lights TV (100k+) (Owner)

Mcwithwes (700k+)

Steves's knees (1M+)



How it works:

Network content creators have major perks for being a part of our network. These content creators are accepted through a process of evaluation and how to fit their content is with Minetale. All official creators must provide the architecture for the long term growth of Minetale as a whole. An official network creator must bring a significant amount of new traffic to the network. This, in turn, provides powerful tools and benefits for these content creators. They get free server hosting on our network, free traffic from our network, full customization of their servers (abiding by our terms), and the architecture to sell ranks and receive all profits from their server.

Beta Stage